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The Town of Loma Mar

Loma Mar, California is located between the towns of Pescadero and La Honda, California in unincorporated San Mateo County. The town is home to some 120 residents. 

Nestled in the redwoods, Loma Mar is known for its outdoor education camps, Memorial County Park, and Sam McDonald Park. The small town is also home to a few, important businesses including the Loma Mar Store, a post office, and the volunteer fire department. 

Loma Mar was hit hard during a fierce winter storm on February 3, 1998. The town was cut off from surrounding areas for multiple days. One resident perished when his home was swept away in a landslide. Loma Mar Fire Department was a valuable resource during this crisis by providing radio communications, responding to medical emergencies, and helping with clean up of debris from fallen trees and the multiple landslides. 

The Fire Department

The Loma Mar Fire Department (LMFD), established in June 1974, is located on Pescadero Creek Road in Loma Mar, California. LMFD  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

The department is made up completely of volunteer firefighters from the community. The response area covers the town of Loma Mar and surrounding areas including miles of hiking trails within county parks. Loma Mar Fire are called to all 911 fire and medical emergencies within a multi-mile radius.

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